Workout Ideas for The Busy One

*this post is sponsored by fabletics. all thoughts are my own*

With Christmas right around the corner and New Years in just a few weeks, we’re all pretty busy. I’m starting a new series called Fitness Friday where I’ll be sharing tips, workout ideas, and more! I have a feeling a few of you have put on your New Year Resolutions (if that’s your thing) to work out more. But there’s this thing called life and work and (maybe) kids, so you don’t have much time to work out. And if you do, you’re probably spending that small part of free time doing something else (Netflix, anyone?). I’ve rounded up a few of my all-time favorite workouts for when I’m low on time! I’ve found that setting a specific time/day to work out really helps, as well. I normally work out in the morning especially since by the time evening gets here, I’m definitely not feeling like I should be working out. Also, I should mention that owning cute workout clothes makes exercising way more fun! Fabletics and Nike are my favorite for clothes, you can also see this post with more faves. This top from Fabletics is SO cute. What is your favorite quick workout to do?

I always find it relaxing to do yoga right when I wake up. Yoga helps with balance, endurance, and flexibility! This routine is only 10-minutes, perfect for the morning, and is meant for beginners. THIS VIDEO shows the typical yoga poses and is also only 10 minutes.

THIS AB WORKOUT is my all-time favorite!! I’ve seen great improvements and it’s incredibly easy, although it may take a few days to get used to the routines. I would recommend doing this twice a day if you really want to see results faster, plus considering it’s only 10-minutes, it finishes pretty fast!

If you want a J-Lo booty, check out THIS VIDEO. Also only 10-minutes!

If you want a little longer workout, THIS CARDIO ROUTINE is 30 minutes and really gets the blood pumping!

THIS POST from Buzzfeed shares 9 quick, total body workouts you can do anywhere. I’m going to test out #4 tomorrow.

I would also recommend downloading the Nike Fit app onto your phone! It has a ton of workout routines, a few for famous celebrities and trainers. You can choose between different types of workouts and levels (cardio, strength, beginner, expert, etc)