Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

*this post is sponsored by fabletics. all thoughts are my own*

Happy Friday! Who’s totally ready for the weekend (besides me 🙋🏻)? I was recently sent some water from JUSTWater for a sponsored post (coming next week) and it inspired me to write an entire post on the benefits of water. I think a lot of us forgot how important water is but there are so 👏 many 👏 pros 👏. Although, I definitely notice I’m drinking more water in the summer because it gets pretty hot in Wisconsin and I get parched after being outside for two minutes #truestory. I’ve been trying to drink more water since my skin has been pretty rebellious through/after the holidays. One of the benefits of drinking lots of water throughout the days is clearer skin, keep on reading to see all the other benefits!

1. Healthy Skin // Water keeps the body well hydrated and improves capillary blood flow, which promotes healthier and younger-looking skin.

2.  Prevent headaches // Dehydration can trigger headaches and migraines in (some) people

3. Helps with weight loss // Drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight. This is due to the fact that water can increase satiety and boost your metabolic rate.

4. Keep things flowing // Nobody wants to deal with digestion issues. Luckily, drinking enough water adds fluids to the colon (big word) which helps make things, ahem, move smoothly.

5. Fights colds and sickness // Water may help with decongestion and dehydration, helping the body bounce back when feeling under the weather. I always squeeze half a lemon and a few tablespoons of honey into hot water when I’m dealing with a cold!

6. Helps with mood // Research says dehydration can affect your mood and make you grumpy and confused. Think clearer and be happier by drinking more water.

TIP::: The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in water! So if you weigh 130lbs, try to drink 65 oz. of water. I always find it’s way more fun to drink water from a cute water bottle. This one from Fabletics is so pretty!