What’s In My Purse

What's In My Purse

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with watching “What’s In My Purse” videos on YT and on different blogs. I recently got a new purse (Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel, which I am seriously in love with) and thought I’d share with you guys what I keep in my bag. Let’s get started!!


1. My latest reads: People’s StyleWatch (May 2015) and Seventeen (June/July 2015)

2. American Eagle’s Pocket V Neck in gray.

3|5|11. Makeup! Currently , I’m carrying my Tarte powder*, Smashbox Full Exposure travel-size eyeshadow paletteSonia Kashuk concealer, a few of Maybelline’s lipsticks (colors: 895, 655, 440), and a small comb*.

4.  Water bottle.

6. Hand cream

7. Apple Headphones (occasionally I’ll switch them out for my Beats).

8.Writing journal.

9.  Sunnies from F21.

10. Portable charger.

12. My wallet (obvs)

13. Food! I’m totally obsessed with granola bars and trail mix in my purse.*

15. My phone, this goes without saying*.

*Not pictured



Hope you guys enjoyed this post!