What’s In My Bag: Gym Edition

*this post is sponsored by fabletics. all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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When I was planning this post, I figured it would be just a few items and then I realized I’m secretly hoarding all kinds of products in my gym bag that are a complete necessity. I missed last weeks ‘Fitness Friday’ because the site was down M-Thu (that was a painful four days) and wanted to post something other than a fitness post for the weeks first post. Anyway, I’m back for FF and I thought I’d share all the contents of my (sorta) messy gym bag!

1: Starting with the obvious, my gym bag is this one from Nike. I got it in neon yellow which is perfect since 90% of my gym clothes are black or grey. The yellow is so fun! I have the largest size and it’s pretty huge, but it’s nice since it fits my yoga mat and other larger items (or a ton of tiny items…). There are two outside pockets that are big and two inside pockets.

2: I like to keep some sugary treats in my bag when I got the cravings. These figgy pops are pure deliciousness and they’re really healthy and high in protein which is a double win. Sometimes I’ll throw in some fruit or veggies, but only if I know I’m going to eat them, otherwise I forget about them and they rot in the side pocket 😬

3: As for beauty items, I keep it really simple. I have deodorant (obviously), a few headbands because flyaways and bangs, brow gel, concealer, dry shampoo, and glasses. The brow gel is perfect for a natural-looking brow and I blend the concealer in with my fingers. Dry shampoo is my savior if I don’t shower, normally I just spritz some in my hair and throw it up into a bun. Most of the time my after-workout makeup routine consists of just that!

4: Obvious necessities would be my wallet (I use a small one I grabbed from Target), lanyard/keys, and my phone. I listen to Spotify’s workout playlists while working out, you can see my favorite playlists here. My lanyard and pins are from my recent trip to Disney World 🙂

5: I have my dry mat for yoga and sweat towel thrown in my bag as well! The dry mat is put on top of my yoga mat so I don’t slip and slide during hot yoga. Pretty handy 💪🏽 Forever21 has THE cutest yoga mats in their store, check out the fitness corner next time you go there 🙂

6: My apparel is a pair of  tennies, spandex, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt. My sweatshirt is my ultimate favorite, I got it in Disney World. The rest of my clothes are all Nike! Nike is definitely my favorite brand but you can see my other favorites here. I sometimes throw in an extra pair of workout clothes, I’ve had my eye on this set from Fabletics.

What are some essentials you carry in your gym bag?