Weekly Hair Routine

Hey babes! I’ve been meaning to share my typical morning routine for the roots for a while, but am finally getting around to it. Yay! I never really used to do much with my hair, I’d let it air dry then throw it in a bun or braid (something simple) but now I’m trying to experiment with all different styles.

I have semi-thick hair, it’s a thin texture but a lot of it. Ever since I cut my hair (it used to be loonngg) it’s been a lot thicker and easier to style. 



This is what my hair routine is like on a weekly basis. Of course, I don’t always follow it to a T, but it’s a great little chart to look at if I’m not sure how I want to style my hair for the day. I hope this helps! Most of the time I shower my hair 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I totally forgot to add that in for Saturday, but every hair is different. Some only need to wash their hair twice a week, others every day. Do what works best for yo hair.


I tend to wash my hair in the evening and blow dry it before I go to bed. This way, my hair isn’t wet while I’m sleeping and blow drying makes a perfect blow out. Before I blow dry, I normally add in some heat protectant, a little bit of mousse, and a spritz of an all-in-one spray. I don’t like adding in a ton of product, because then it tends to get oily easier and actually harder to style. Some of my favorite hair styles have been the two side braids, braided bun, and two high buns.

I try to only use heat tools 4 days a week, nothing more than that. If I do use heat tools a lot that week, I’ll add a mask while I’m showering.

Once I blow dry (high heat for about 15 minutes then I blast it with some cool air), if I’m not going to bed, I’ll either throw it up in a braid, bun, or another style or I’ll curl/straighten it.



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• If I’m going to curl it, I love using a 1.25 inch wand. I’ve used a barrel and a wand (a wand doesn’t have the handle to clip your hair into) but I prefer the wand wayyyyy more. It definitely creates a more natural, beach wave to my hair and the curls are a little tighter which is perfect for my semi-thin hair.

I clip the top of my hair into a bun (or out of the way) and start curling the bottom half of my hair. This way, I don’t miss any bottom pieces of hair. Oh! And I heat my curling iron to 375*. Normally it takes me about 20 minutes to curl my hair. Then, I spray it with some holding spray and I’m good to go!

• If I’m going to straighten it, I do the same thing as I would when curling it. I clip the top part of my hair up and start with the bottom and move to the top. It doesn’t take nearly as long as curling, about 10 minutes, so I’ll straighten my hair if I need to leave for work soon! I finish off with a spritz of holding spray and I’m outta there.


If ya’ll aren’t sure how to style hair, check out some of these tutorials! How to Curl Your Hair, How to Straighten Thick Hair, Easy Two Messy Side Buns, Easy Two Sided Braid, and The Messy Bun. I love The Small Things Blog for styling hair as well, she does a great job explaining what you need to do and most of her hair styles are simple.


Here are a few of my favorite heat styling tools as well. Splurge on a nice curler/flat iron/blow dryer if you like to spend a lot of time working with your hair. They last a long time and are better for your hair!


favorite heat styling tools

Man, that was a long post! I hope you guys found this helpful and enjoyed reading it! What is your go-to hair style? Let me know in the comments ❤