Treatsie Unboxing

*this box was sent to me for review. all opinions are my own*

Today, I’m sharing a quick review for a pretty delicioutres subscription box. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I love subscription boxes and food. I’m pretty sure this box was made for me, really đŸ˜‰

If you don’t know about Treatsie, let me fill you in. Treatsie is a monthly subscription box where they send you 5 goodies in each box. They’re all from different vendors all across the world, which I find pretty cool! If you aren’t a fan of subscription boxes or find an treat in your box that you love, you can also buy it directly from their shop! I received July’s box, and they did an awesome job sharing some summer-y treats. I received: Marshmallow Farms Rice Krispie, Treatsie Nectar Pops in Raspberry Lime & Blueberry Acai, Lark Cookies in Coconut Butter and Chocolate Pearl, Hello Cocoa Basil Chocolate (extra item), and finally, Chocolate Twist Burnt Toast Caramels.


First off, the packaging for these foods are so cute! They definitely got my attention and are perfect for a subscription box. They were all sealed really well, which is great for shipping to all their customers.

As for the taste and quality of the food, I have mixed feelings. The only reason is because some off the treats were stale (I thought the rice krispie and cookies were stale). I think since they’re baked, they tend to get stale easier. The caramels tasted delicious!! I wasn’t sure when I first read it had toast on the edge, but it was the perfect amount of crunch and flavor. But, there was a second layer of caramel, which means it was either stale or over-baked.

However, the chocolate bar and lollipops were fresh and I loved the flavor! Basil has been one of my favorites in food lately, and it tasted delicious in the chocolate bar. I have never seen a chocolate bar with basil, and I thought it added the perfect touch.  The Raspberry Lime and Blueberry pops were yummy and reminded me when I would get those huge rainbow lollipops as a little kid, haha!

Overall, this was a fun box to open and taste! I would’ve wanted some more items that were fresh, but that was my only con. The packaging was so cute, too! My favorite treat definitely has to be the ‘Hello Cocoa’ Chocolate Basil bar. Would you try this box? What treat looks the best to you?