The Ultimate Jeans


The only thing worse than swimsuit shopping is jean shopping. However, I’ve made it really easy for you by: 1) sharing all my tips on styling jeans and….2) the ultimate brand of jeans for every body type (hold on, it’s coming, just keep on reading).

I always splurge on one pair of jeans a year. It’s great to have a trusty pair on hand. And, they last forever (I’m going on year 3 of one pair!). The fact that a pair of jeans can not only stay fit me three years later is shocking 😂 Ok, moving on!

I have 2 pairs of AG jeans and they’re the best. I’ve been able to try on all sorts of styles from their line and they’ve all been amazing quality and feel. My favorite, on me, have been: ‘The Beau’ Skinny Boyfriend Jeans and ‘The Legging’ Ankle Skinny Jeans. I almost always have to get a petite, ankle jean because my legs are so short they pretty much don’t exist.Or, I roll up the jeans about 3 inches. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

Even though AG jeans are a little more on the expensive side, I still like to think they’re a good price for what you’re getting. I suggest going into Target or Nordstrom or Macy’s and trying on every single different jean type and see which one is your favorite. Below, I’m sharing all my tips on the best style of jean for your body type, but like I said above, test them all out!


Hourglass: tapered, solid jeans // My favorite from AG is this one

Athletic (tall): bootcut or flared jeans and faded // My favorite from AG is this one

Petite (or no-curves): boyfriend jeans or loose fit (loose jeans give the illusion of curves)  // I LOVE these

Plus-size: Straight jeans, high-rise, and dark wash (a dark wash flatters your body) // My favorite from AG this one