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liebsteraward-roses-tagHuge thank you to Julia from “The Velvet Runway” for nominating me for the Leibster Award. This award is such a great way to find other bloggers out there, who are just starting out. Click here for the rules of the Leibster Award. Now. onto the questions!


1  Why did you start blogging?

Several years ago, I was really interested in cooking and baking and decided to start a food blog. About 8 months after I started that, I lost interest and (last year, I took a break from blogging) decided to write about fashion and beauty.

2  What is the best and worst part about blogging?

I love connecting with other fashion/beauty bloggers and my readers! Worst part? All the time and effort it takes to simply write up a post.

3  If you could invite five people (dead or alive) to dinner, who would they be?

Jennifer Lawrence, Meg Ryan, Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, and Sandra Bullock.

4 If money was no object, where would you travel to?

Everywhere! But, since there has to be only 1 destination, New Zealand.

5. Who is your inspiration? Why?

My dad. He loves the Lord, is hilarious, loving and caring.

6  What is your favorite hobby? (besides blogging)

I love playing volleyball and watching The Office. #yaass

7. What three words describe you best?

Loud, hyper, and fun.

8  What’s your favorite store to shop at?

Ugh, so many! Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, Target, Sephora are just a few πŸ™‚

9 Who is your favorite Disney hero or villain?

I love love love Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. He’s so funny!

10 What is your favorite book?

I have a major obsession with “The Selection” series. AGH! If you haven’t read them, go. Read them now. 😍

Since you’re supposed to discover new blogs, I went out and found 5 (set #2 in the link I shared above) different bloggers. I’m so excited to see all these bloggers grow and connect with them πŸ’•

Kate // Let’s Talk Pretty (@letstalkprettyblog)

Jen //  Stripes in Bloom (@jensynjeppsen)

Livanie // Livanie’s (@livanies)

Dru // Dru Ammons (@druammons)

Brittany // Brittany Fenton (@brittanyfentonblog)

Now, it’s time for my questions for the ladies I have nominated. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

1 What is the best food you have ever had?

2 Introvert or Extrovert?

3 What is your favorite social media platform and why?

4 What is your favorite part about blogging?

5 If you could have any job in the world, what would you pick?

6 Favorite quote?

7 If you had to choose between makeup and hair products, what would you choose?

8 Favorite blogger?

9 One song you’ll never get tired of hearing?

10 If you had to dye your hair a crazy color, what color would you choose?

I am so so excited to see all of your answers to my questions. Thanks again to Julia!

xo lydia









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  1. 03/16/2016 / 3:15 am

    Hi Lydia,

    It was really interesting to read all your answers and to get to know you a bit better.
    I absolutely love Anthropology too and I recently found some great bargains at Target!

    I am looking forward to checking out the other blogs you nominated too!
    Julia xx

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