The Fall Favorites Tag

I was stalking reading one of my favorite blogs, Olive & Ivy, and saw that she had written a post about all her fall favorites and since I love everything about fall, why not? Even though it’s November, I consider fall to go on until it snows (which is pretty soon, if you live in Wisconsin). Fall is definitely my favorite season, I love the changing of colors and the cool temps (going from 90* to 50* is pretty nice you guys), so I definitely wanted to join this tag!


Favorite Candle 

I love love love NEST’ candles, I may or may not have 113 1/2 3 or 4 candles in my room. They burn for a suspiciously long time, and my favorite scent (Pumpkin Chai) is like walking into a Starbucks. And who wouldn’t want that? Not to mention, the packaging is so cute, and I get an excuse to go to Nordstrom.

Favorite Lip Color

I just went on a lipstick spree last week and got Sonia Kashuk, Nars, and L’Oreal. Lately, I’ve been loving the deep red/burgundy colors, they look absolutely gorgeous. My favorite lip right now though, has to be Sonia Kashuk lip color in Currant. It’s the perfect blend of red, not too bright and not too deep. This was the only red lip I ordered that wasn’t insanely bright, so definitely a win!

Favorite Drink

This is a tricky question, because whenever I go to Starbucks I almost always choose the refreshers (agh SO. GOOD.). Does homemade count? I love making my own Chai Latte. I don’t like drinks that are too sweet (*cough* Starbucks) and I’m not a big fan of hot drinks, so I love making my own where I can pick and choose.

Favorite Blush

I just picked up Nars blush in Seduction and I loveeee it. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous color. I mean, look at it. How can a blush be so pretty??  In summer, I choose a brighter pink/peach, and once it gets cooler I definitely go for a dark red/plum color and Nars totally nailed the color.

Favorite Clothing Item

I think I’ll have to go with sweaters. Mainly because they’re so comfy, and the possibilities are endless. Pair them with leather jacket, a vest, boots, leggings. Some of my favorites: Hollister, American Eagle, and  Swoon,

Favorite Movie

I’m not much of a movie watcher, so I can’t really answer this one. I’d have to say Children of the Corn? Since halloween is in fall, I’m assuming a scary movie would count right? Ok, good.

Favorite TV Show

Grey’s Anatomy for life!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

If I had to pick a Thanksgiving food, I’d totally choose the stuffing + turkey because obviously. But, it’s normally snowing during Thanksgiving because it’s Wisconsin. But, for a fall food, definitely apple cider doughnuts. For ever and ever and ever. I have always loved doughnuts, so I love the excuse to eat them in the fall (hey, they’re only around for 2 months!)

Favorite Halloween Costume

I don’t do halloween, but if I dressed up I’d either go as the joker or a fox. Scary or cute is the question. I love how simple and easy the fox tutorial is, so maybe next year? Then again, scaring people does sound like fun 😉


Thanks for reading guys! Comment below some of your favorite fall traditions

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