Splurge or Steal

splurge or steal

hey guys! sorry for not posting  yesterday, my computer died and I lost my charger and haven’t bought a new one (what if I find that charger tomorrow?!). I haven’t found the charger yet.
anyway, today I am featuring an outfit 2 with two  different options. One splurge ($$$) and one steal ($). I love this outfit because it’s so sleek and reminds me of something you’d see in NY but it’s a comfy sleek, you feel?
I bought leather leggings a while back (featured in this IG post) and it was so much fun styling them! I also have a slight obsession with white tees, they play so well in the spring. Plus, leggings are the type of thing I wear when I want to wear pajamas all day (5/7 days, tbh) but you can’t really tell with leather leggings because LEATHER. And if you’re not a fan of leather (like me), trust me, you’ll like these.
I own the Michael Kors bag that’s pictured above but in a large (perf size) and I love it! It’s very versatile and is made of durable and sturdy material. I was originally going to buy it in black but it was sold out, so I bought a dark tan. I don’t carry a purse too often, but I always am getting compliments on it when I do wear it! It’s a great bag because it’s really well made but doesn’t cost a fortune.
Oh, and d’orsay heels. ‘nough said
You guys won’t believe the different in price for these two outfits, you ready? Splurge: $697 | Steal: $92
I always say cheap isn’t always cheaper. If you buy a shirt or bag that’s not as well made, it can fall apart requiring you to buy another bag in a matter of months costing you 2 bags. Same goes with shoes. I’m sharing on Monday what I think you should splurge on and what you shouldn’t splurge on, so stay tuned for that post!
Thanks for reading! xo lydia