Same Tee, Different Styles: Group Collab

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Hey dolls!! I’m so excited for this post because it’s another collaboration but with 3 other wonderful fashion bloggers! I’ve been trying to join connect more and more with other fashion and beauty bloggers, which is why you’ve seen so many collaborations on the blog lately. I love being able to connect with other ladies that share the same interest as me, and have fabulous blogs. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my blog!! It’s been so much fun being able to write on my blog, and it’s even better to receive emails and snaps from all of you. I never would’ve thought my blog would become so popular in so little time, huge thank you to every one of you!!! K, now let’s get to this post.

One of my favorite reasons I love this outfit/collab is because we’re all styling a GRAPHIC TEE. HOLLA. In case you didn’t know, I love tees. Like, a lot. Read on to see my look + 3 other ways to style a graphic tee and to meet the other bloggers.

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I teamed up with Selma Ali, Jen Vega and Laura Rivers (click on the their names to view their awesome blogs!). We decided to style the same piece of clothing, 4 different ways. In this case, it was the pretty charming tee (I’m going to try and use my words instead of cute and comfy, bear with me). I chose casual (obvs), Selma chose chic, Laura chose sophisticated and Jen chose tomboy.

Since I’m always styling casual looks, this was pretty easy, and I loved being able to style this tee (which is perf for bloggers, amiright?). Since I was already ordering from Forever21, I went ahead and bought everything I’m wearing (except the booties) from Forever21. This entire outfit was really affordable to put together too! Win win (win). Also, I wasn’t really feeling the photoshoot, so these photos I look kind of awkward. And I’m 90% sure I wasn’t wearing makeup and didn’t comb my hair. #professional

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Wisco went into a heat wave this past week in which it’s warm but not that warm. The high has been 45 degrees. To anyone who doesn’t live here doesn’t understand that we sconnie’s see that as practically summer. Being a practical person, I decided it was a little too cold (just a little 😉 ) for a winter jacket, so pairing this with a long cardigan was the perfect solution.

UPDATE::: It was almost 60 degrees yesterday. CAN WE JUST. AGH.

Lydia (1 of 7)

t o p: forever 21 // b o t t o m s: forever 21 // c a r d i g a n: forever21 // b o o t i e s: nordstrom

I tucked my shirt into my jeans (F21 said they were high-waisted, but more like a mid-waisted jean, shame shame) and then paired the whole outfit off with some booties. OOOKK, that big rip in my jeans? See that? See it?Yeah, I was walking down some steps outside, and stepped on ice AND SLIPPED. Full on slipped. Thankfully nobody was watching, but now everybody knows. Oops. Tbh, my first concern was that I had scratched my phone, because it was in my hand. Yes, that was my concern. I could’ve broken my leg (not really, but for the story) and I would’ve only cried if my phone had a scratch. 21st century probs. And then I got this huge hole in my jeans. And it really bothered me. But I don’t know why it bothered me so much since there were already holes in the the jeans (not that big, though) but it was TOO big of a hole (says the one who wears these jeans).

And that’s how I started my week, it was pretty great.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, what style would you pick for this graphic tee? Don’t forget to check out the other ladies blogs for different ways to style a graphic tee!

Laura > Sophisticated look |  Selma > Chic look | Jen > Tomboy look |


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