Room to Bloom: Wall Art

One of my favorite ways to dress up a room, is by showing off those fab photography skills of yours through a wall art. I love wall art, and I’m hoping to do a small wall in my room. I love being able to show what you love and your interests through photos. Whether it be through quotes, or prints, or photos you took yourself, it really does show your personal style. You also can change it up whenever you feel like it, while not breaking the bank.

R2B Wall Art

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As you can tell, I tried to put in photos of different types of style. The top right shows a more boho theme, bottom left shows modern and bottom left is dorm-style (is that a thing?).  I especially love all the wall’s in the 2nd row. The colors, the modern-feel, and all the different shapes. Also, Tara Leydon’s gallery wall (image 2)!! I am obsessed with how she used Chanel and Prada prints 😍 It’s absolutely gorgeous, and incorporating boho-theme into that too, genius!

Kate Spade now has gallery prints (image 4) and boy, are they gorgeous!!! I love Kate Spade everything, and I can’t wait to order some of her prints. A few of my favorite prints, here and here.

When I was searching Pinterest, I noticed a ton of free wall art printables, and saved the links for a few of them. Click here and here. I also saw a ton of helpful tutorials on how to have the perfect wall gallery which I found super helpful.

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