Room to Bloom (Part 3): Bedding

R2B; Bedding


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My favorite part about decorating my room is picking out the decor for my bed. I’m a huge fan of throw pillows (as you can tell), and I recently found a website called Dormify that sells tons of really cute pillows *insert that weird money angel flying emoji*.

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I’ve learned from my abundance of interior design books, that piling the pillows on your bed gives your room cosiness and really draws the eyes to your beautiful bed (just say this to anyone who suspects you have a slight obsession with pillows). Along with making sure comfort is key (obviously), make sure to have a focal point of what type of bedroom you want to have (modern, boho, etc). And, I wish I could have that gigantic print in that bedroom (image 2).


Currently, I’ve got my eye on Dormify’s ombré duvet cover, along with several of there adorable pillows. I’m totally obsessed with this pillow from Etsy. Also, if you’re into the boho trend, Urban Outfitters is the place to go. They have so much boho-themed apartment/bedroom decor. It’s insane. I got this pillow for my room and I love it so much. But, it’s not quite as dark as the picture provided.


Another must-haves for an awesome bed is a throw blanket. I feel like a bed isn’t complete without a throw blanket. I love chunky knit throws in a neutral color (grey, tan, etc). I have 2 throw blankets on my bed, because my room gets so cold. Also, twinkly lights are my new obsession (along with several hundred other things 😉 ). I love the circular bulb ones, like these from Target. Perfect for when it’s close to Christmas.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Can’t wait to share with you my 3rd post tomorrow!!

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