Recent Loves

I haven’t done a monthly favorites in a very, very, long time. I thought I’d switch it up and do a post on some of my recent favorites from the past few months! I have been on a small budget this month (although I did just rade the shelves at Ulta…) because of Christmas, so I don’t have too many but I just had. to. share. my few favorites 🙂

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I organized my makeup drawer! It looks pretty fancy. Who would like to see a reveal?

I literally only get this drink at Starbucks + a chocolate croissant. I do this multiple times a week and I never grow tired of it. Chocolate croissants are my favorite food in the entire world, I ate one every morning for breakfast while we were in Disney and I’m still eating chocolate croissants a few times a week when I head to Starbucks to blog. I will never grow tired of Starbucks or their food 😋

These cheetah/leopard booties are ma favorite! I’ve been digging this pattern for a while and finally got some booties 😍 They are so fun and I showed them off in this outfit.

What do you guys think of the new logo? I am absolutely in love! I updated the site a while back, I still kept it very simple (aka all black and white) but the logo is so colorful and fun!

BRANDS: I have a new and updated media kit, check it out here or you can check out my “Collaborate” page with more details.

I’ve got my eye on this Hermes bag. I’ve been saving up and I’m gonna take the plunge SOON. For now, just starting at it will be enough.

A few of my favorites apps have been: Penny (budget/money), Bitmoji (SO cute), Starbucks (it’s really nice for paying in the store!), Cartwheel (coupons for Target), and Snapchat (obviously – add me @rainydaycooker).

When I went to Ulta, I grabbed the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints and am excited to try them out! I have a feeling they’ll be similar to these lip paints. I got the shades: 320 (a bright orange, LOVE) and 326 (a deep purple). I also restocked on this concealer, my favorite drugstore pick! I’ll have a haul video coming soon on my recent finds, keep an eye out for that.