Post from The Small Things Blog: The Messy Bun


Fact: Kate from The Small Things Blog was my very first blogger to ever follow.

I’ve been reading her blog for aboastic job at including hair + makeup tutorials, family life, and everything in between. Oh, and she’s pretty much fantastic at all of it. Today, I’m sharing one of her posts, “The Messy Bun”.  If you’ve even spent 5 minutes looking at my blog, you know that messy buns are LIFE. My hair is in one right now as I write this (and probably, as you read this).



2nd or 3rd day hair is fantastic for styling since it’s messy, and that’s what we’re going for.

A little curl and texture works miracles for a messy bun. It holds easier and makes your look overall, messier. (Kate makes this a huge point in her video, so it must be true!)

Dry shampoo is your best friend for volume and texture in a messy bun (and for any 2nd day hair).

The messier + looser you hold your hair to put up, the messier + looser your bun will be.


Watch Kate’s video on how she created her (flawless) messy bun, right below.

Please keep in mind, all videos and pictures are courtesy of Kate from The Small Things Blog. To see Kate’s full post on her messy bun tutorial, click here.


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