Outfit of the day: Fur + Leggings

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Finally! It’s about time I post another outfit on this blog. And ain’t it a gorgeous one?

I received this vest from Shein, along with this midi dress and a striped tee (I wore it in this #ootd Instagram post). It’s a super fun piece and can be dressed up or down. This vest definitely looked more grey on the website but when I received it, the grey had more of a purple-y tint, especially in dull lighting. I still really like it, but it doesn’t style as well with all colors (my hope). I’m wearing a light grey sweater, and you can tell, it’s doesn’t have the same cool/blue tint.

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with these leggings. They were expensive, but totally worth it. It takes at least 5 wears for them to even wear out just a little bit and they’re thick. Unlike most leggings, they don’t stretch out and become see-through (biggest pet peeve 😤).Like I said in my Instagram post, if they were a food, they’d be like butter. Smooth and creamy. Well, maybe not creamy. But you get my vibe.

And I’m not even going to talk about my shoes, because I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about them.

fur vest and black leggings ootd

t o p: american eagle (sold out, similar) // b o t t o m s: lululemon

v e s t: shein // b o o t i e s: sam edelman/nordstrom

Thanks for reading! Have you guys ever bought anything from Shein? Comment below ↓




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