Origins Trio Face Mask Review

Today I’m sharing with you guys a trio sample by Origins I received right before Christmas. I decided to get the small 1.7 ounces just because if I didn’t like them or it reacted with my skin I didn’t throw $40 on a mask. I finally started using the masks last week and I’m so excited to share the final result of the product. On Tuesday, I shared my favorite skin products of the past year but decided to do a separate post on this review. Thanks for reading! My review is down below –>


I love the design of the bottle. They’re really simple and sleek. I just squeeze the mask out onto my hand and rub all over my face, missing my eyes and mouth (obvs). One of my favorite things about Origins mask are that they’re all natural, made without sulfates and parabens. If you ever read my skin post (from Tuesday), you know I’m all for natural-based skin products. Also, Origins has a ton of different masks to choose from. No matter what type of (problematic) skin you have, Origins has it covered. The 3 I have are: Clear Improvements (active charcoal mask), Out of Trouble (10 minute mask), and Drink Up Intensive (overnight mask).


A few days ago I tried the 10 minute “Out of Trouble” mask and it left my skin feeling SO refreshed and smooth. My skin has never felt so smooth you guys. I left in on for about 30 minutes (I was cooking, not weird at all), and I barely noticed it. I put on a thin layer and it dried up pretty quickly, you could easily take it off in 10 minutes. My only con is that the smell of this mask was really strong and kind of gross when I first put it on. Other than that, this mask was absolutely amazing.

I have yet to try this overnight mask because I’m terrified of it coming off while I’m sleeping. I roll all over and tend to sleep on my stomach so not sure when I’m gonna try it (I’ll tweet about it when I do 😉 ). I’ve heard really great reviews on this mask though, so if you’re a fan of overnight mask, this would be a good one! Have you tried this mask or an overnight mask before? How did it go?

Last one I received is the “Clear Improvements” charcoal mask. I am a huge fan of charcoal masks, I think they do a great job at clearing your skin and really clears out my pores. I tend to stick to buying charcoal masks and this is definitely in my top 5 masks. It left my skin looking bright and my skin has been really clear the past few days after using this (I used it on Wed.). I have somewhat oily skin, and this has done a really really great job at clearing up my skin and I’ve heard it works on all skin types. Use it only once a week and you’ll see noticeable difference, I promise.

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite skin mask?


  • Julia (The Velvet Runway)

    Hi Lydia,

    Nice to meet you! I have only ever tried the overnight mask, but the ‘out of trouble’ mask looks really good!

    I use the overnight mask as a moisturiser every now and again , and I really love it. I rub it in completely like a night cream so there’s no danger of it coming off! Maybe you’re not supposed to do this but it works for me!

    • Lydia
      Julia (The Velvet Runway)

      I just tried the overnight, and it definitely felt like a really thick moisturizer (I did exactly what you did by rubbing it in). I didn’t see much of a difference with this, but the Out Of Trouble mask works miracles!