Old Navy Fitting Room Reviews

Yesterday, I headed over to Old Navy to check out some spring styles + get a gift for my sister. I was really happy to see so many cute spring items but I’ve always had trouble with ON’s sizing. It’s always too big for me, even if I grab a petite (which, by the way, is so nice they have petite sizing in store!). Let’s get started 👉🏽



Fit & Flare Button Down Tank Dress in White Stripe ($34): This was the first dress I saw when I walked into the store, and immediately loved the pattern. It has really crisp, clean lines and I love the buttons on the front. They were out of XSP so I grabbed a S. I could tell it was going to be big when I grabbed it and (unfortunately) it was. Really big.

It made me look really short, too. The length hit me right below my knees, which is not a good length for me. I either need several inches above or several inches beneath. The waist didn’t cinch at all, probably because of the wrong size, so it just hung on me.

If I had the right size, I would’ve loved it!


V-Neck Chambray Jumpsuit ($35): Lately, I’ve been loving denim-on-denim outfits so this seemed like the perfect jumpsuit. I really like the capped sleeves and the tied-off waist, too! It was too low for me and since I have a short torso, the tie around my waist was too low (bummer!) so it made me have a weird height.

The chambray was really comfy and it would’ve been really cute with some accessories and a panama hat, but the XS was too big. It would be really easy to make this jumpsuit more fancy, as well.


Jersey Drawstring Jumpsuit in Navy Stripe ($25)Right as I was heading to the dressing room I saw this jumpsuit and grabbed it. The fabric for this jumpsuit is really comfortable (cotton ftw) and the stripes were a fun pattern to choose. The bottom of the jumpsuit was cinched which was a huge pro for me and it had pockets (!!).

I think this jumpsuit was a little too flowy for me, the top fit but the bottom half looked big (but wasn’t). There was a tie around the waist, which I really liked too. This would be really cute with some sneakers and a chambray shirt! Also comes in solid black.


Swing Peplum Top in Lilac Plaid ($16): Once again, didn’t have an XSP so I went with a S and it was huge. Way bigger than a small should be, that is. The colors were perfect for spring but it was see-through (biggest pet peeve for the clothing industry) so I immediately threw that in the “no” pile. The peplum side of this top was definitely not peplum, it was really loose and had no form to it at all. It might not have been as big of an issue if I had gotten my size, but it was still see through.


Soft Plaid Trapeze Tank in Navy (sold out online, only in black/white | $14): I wanted to like this shirt so bad! The pattern was really cute and I loved that it was sleeveless and had a soft v neck. It didn’t really have any shape to it, so it just hung off me. I was really disappointed because I loved the pattern 🙁 If you had a body type that worked with this, it would be a win! old-navy-graphic-tank-top-log
Graphic High-Neck Tank in Black/Viva La Brunch ($14):
This was the only top I went home with. I love everything about this tank, from the saying to the high neck and color (black is best). It’s one of the softest shirts I own + it’s really casual. I’m already thinking of a ootd post featuring this tank. I would highly recommend it for any season (spring + summer pair with a hat, fall pair with a denim jacket, etc).


Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite outfit from this post? You can get 20% off your entire purchase (online only) using this code: BIGSAVE 


  • Felicia Kutee

    I hated jumpsuits last year (and everyone knew it!) but now I’m starting to like them, especially that chambray one! I’ve already figured out a few outfits 🙂

    • Lydia
      Felicia Kutee

      Omg, I totally feel you girl! I was not a fan of jumpsuits either, I’m still pretty picky but these 2 picks were cute!

  • Kristie

    I love love love that plaid shirt! So cute #snapfam

    • Lydia

      Ain’t it a cute pattern?!

  • Brittany Fenton

    Lovely post lydia! Your sense of style is amazing x


    • Lydia
      Brittany Fenton

      Thanks babe!