My Top 5 Favorite Fashion Trends

In the world of fashion, there can be some pretty strange “trends” out there. I’m definitely the type of person to watch and observe the newest one (such as slip dresses and tshirts or flared jeans) and then jump on board. I have been loving all the 90’s-inspired looks lately, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite trends and my favorite products! Plus, every single item you see here is under $100, score 💪🏽 What is your favorite trend you’ve been seeing on social media lately?

TREND #1: Slip Dress

I see this outfit all over. It’s one of the easiest trends to pull off and it’s such a winner in looking fancy but still being comfortable. I almost always wear neutrals, so obviously this is one of my favorites because black and white are always being worn in my life 🙈

This is such a versatile outfit, you can pair this dress with different colors or patterned tees, heels and booties, and more!

Seen on: Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian-West, Kendall Jenner

TREND  #2: Statement Bag 


I like to add color to my outfit by accessories (bags, scarves, hats, etc) and this is the perfect trend for any and all who have a neutral wardrobe but still love a pop of color.

Whenever I have a statement bag, I keep it simple and almost all-black. Skinny jeans, booties, v neck, pretty much my daily outfit! A statement bag keeps your outfit fresh and is a fun accessory.

Seen on: Blake Lively, Alison Williams, Kate Bosworth

TREND #3: Fur Vest



Fur is one of those materials where it can make any outfit look put together. Which I love, because 90% of the time I’m wearing a v-neck and skinny jeans (see above 😉 ). As someone who keeps my accessories pretty simple, I love the extra fabric and detail a vest can bring. To add a little structure, you could tie a tan or black belt around the vest and knot in the front!

Seen on: Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen

TREND #4: Choker


I still haven’t gotten on this trend even though I love seeing all the different chokers. I’m not a huge fan of jewerly, so this is one that I probably will stay away from. However! I really like the thin, fabric ones.

But seriously, how cute are they? I am obsessed with this one from Lulu’s, the embellishment is gorgeous 😍

Seen on: Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez

TREND #5: Velvet Booties


VELVET 👏  BOOTIES 👏. I love everything about this trend. That and they’re perfect for fall because, booties. These are really easy to pair with some light skinny jeans and a deconstructed tee! Velvet (like fur) is awesome for making any outfit look fancier, but I tend to wear my booties with some simple skinny jeans and a bodysuit or ripped shirt. Win!

Seen on: Chrissy Tiegen, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift,