My Favorite Mascaras

I’m always changing what type of mascara I’m using, from lengthening to voluming, drugstore or high-end. I’m kind of in love with mascara.  I’m a huge fan of Maybellines mascara, so if I need to get a drugstore mascara, that’s my go to brand. I’ll be sharing the best and worst of all of them, so be prepared!


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Starting with my drugstore faves, is Maybelline’s Rocket Volumizing Mascara. Not only does this volumizes, but it helps lengthen your lashes. I like to use this as a primer for lengthening lashes, but it looks great as a simple mascara. The formula is really wet, though, so you’re likely to get it on you (which will happen), so be sure to have some makeup remover wipes in hand 🙂

If you’re in need of some serious volumizing mascara for under $5, this is for you. As you can tell from the picture, this brush is seriously thick. It’s gigantic, which can cause some problems (the bristles are very spiky, and the brush itself is bendy, making it hard to grab the lashes). That being said, this mascara doesn’t clump, and gives a seriously thick look to your eyelashes.

My personal favorite is from CoverGirl and is the Full Lash Bloom. This is the closet dupe you’ll find (under $10) for Benefits Lash Roller. The brush is extremely similar to Benefits, and it lengthens and volumizes. This mascara creates a really natural look (perfect for a no-makeup makeup routine 😉 ), and is ah-mazing at separating your lashes. You do have to use a lot of coats to build it up, and clumps easily after about 3.5 months.


mascara high end


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First mascara is Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, which is a lengthening and volumizing mascara. It doesn’t clump, even after 6 months, and is a really light formula. But it can flake, and smudges pretty easily.

My all-time favorite mascara is Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. I have naturally long lashes, but I’ve heard it doesn’t work as well on short lashes. Even though it doesn’t s ay waterproof, it works pretty well with water (for a short period). It also comes in blue & brown. I haven’t had any problems with this mascara, but some people say it gives them “spider lashes”.

Last, we have an Estee Lauder mascara. I just started using this mascara, and really like it. It does an amazing job at curling my lashes, and doesn’t flake/smudge! It can clump easily, though, if you don’t apply it properly.