Morning Skin Care Routine

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I’ve shared my favorite skin care products and some of the best face masks under $5 but I’ve never shared my skin care routine. IT’S TIME.

My skin was having a major breakdown a few weeks ago, right around when Clarisonic sent me their Mia 2. I mean, it was bad. No amount of makeup could cover up that disaster. But can we talk about great timing? I’ve heard so many amazing things from Clarisonic’s skin devices and I was more than happy to incorporate their Mia 2 into my skin routine. The Clarisonic cleanses your skin, like a brush for your face, and it works so much better than my hands!

I’ve been using this for about 4 weeks (morning + night) and you guys! This thing is magic! I’m a huge believer in skin care products/items, since it is the base of your makeup.

I keep my morning skin care routine fairly simple with just a few steps. I find that in the morning I am not always in the mood for a complicated routine, and this one has been working wonders for my skin lately! I’m a huge fan of natural/fewer chemicals skin products, since it is going into your skin. However, every now and then I’ll incorporate a few  other skin products such as the tea tree oil or a toner!

First Aid Beauty is great at the whole natural vibe, their face wash and moisturizer I’ve been using are allergy-tested and perfect for sensitive skin. It’s also free of parabens.

Another skin product I’ve been living by are exfoliators. My skin is so smooth and perfect for applying makeup after finishing my routine. It’s amazing for getting all that dry skin (EW) away. Check out this post for all my favorite and go-to exfoliators and masks!

Like I said above, my morning skin care routine is simple because I am never prepared to wake up no matter how often I do it. This is normal..right?


  1. Wash face with daily cleanser with the Mia 2. I’ve been using ‘First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser‘. I talked about this cleanser in my September Favorites, it’s definitely a favorite the past month. I use my Mia 2 on the higher speed, but when starting out I’d suggest using the lower speed first. It feels weird the first few times, but you get used to it.
  2. Exfoliate with Kate Somverville exfoliator OR Freeman Beauty Charcoal Sugar exfoliator. Today, I used the freeman beauty exfoliator, since I don’t like to use my KS too often. I probably use that 3-4 times month. It’s so expensive, I don’t like to use every day, ha!
  3. Rub skin with ________. I’ve been using these for years and I notice a huge difference in my skin if I skip even a few days. I swear by them and they’re great if you’re skin is having a meltdown (like mine a few weeks ago, haha!)
  4. Moisturize face with FAB face moisturizer. I love that this moisturizer works with sensitive skin and is so thick. I’m hoping it will keep my skin nice and moisturized for the winter, since it get’s pretty dry.


That’s it! It takes about 5 minutes and the Mia 2 wakes me up in the morning. I use my Mia 2 in the morning and evening, and occasionally I’ll switch up the face wash or use a mask depending on my skin that day/week.