Makeup Revolution Haul

*this post is sponsored by Makeup Revolution. all thoughts are my own opinion*

img_3336-2Happy second day of November! How did October go by so fast? I am so excited to share a few products from Makeup Revolution that they sent me. They are an online makeup company with an array of products. Not only do they have some gorgeous palettes, lipsticks, and more, but they are also super affordable! I got a blush palette, highlighting palette, AND an eyeshadow palette to test out.


Blush Palette

 In their blush palette, they include 8 different shades. I love how they are all swirled, it reminds me of the Hourglass palette. They have some pretty vibrant pinks in here, but it’s toned out by some lighter/coral pinks. The array of pinks is great for different skin tones as well!


Blush Palette

They are very potent when you apply them which makes the palette feel much more expensive than it really is. Normally I blend out my blush to make it look more natural and these blend wonderfully (I use a sponge or makeup brush and blend for 10-15 seconds). The color is true to what it looks like in the palette and it’s so much fun to test out all the colors.


Blush Palette

My only complaint in this palette (actually, in all of them) is that they aren’t labeled! This is pretty hard for me, especially since a lot of you ask what makeup palette/shade I’m wearing. Plus, half the fun of the palettes are reading off the names!

img_3320Radiance Palette

I’m all for more highlighting products. Seriously, my desk is loaded with highlighters. It’s starting to get intense, but I’m all 👏for 👏 it 👏. This palette comes with 3 shades. From the top picture, the farthest on the left is off-white. Middle is a gorgeous rose gold shade, and the next one (farthest on the right) is warm-gold.


Radiance Palette

I’ve been using the far left shade as a highlighter for my brows and it’s been working really well! I put a thin layer of concealer on my brow bone, then layer it with some of the off-white highlighter for a little extra glam. From the swatch on my fingers, you can tell that the off-white highlighting doesn’t have very much shimmer to it, where as the other two do!


Radiance Palette

The rose-gold shade (middle) is by far my favorite. It’s simple and gorgeous. Most importantly, it blends in with my skin tone really well! It creates a pretty good shimmer, but the overall highlighting palette does seem to be too powdery for my liking. And you also have to layer it on if you really want it to be noticeable. I haven’t used the gold-toned highlighter since it’s too dark for my skin tone (summer shade, maybe?).


Affirmation 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has the most gorgeous colors for fall! I love the ombre effect of the natural nudes and browns, but they threw in a few blues and purples. The colors are so stunning, my go-to have been the dark grey and copper-brown shades!


Affirmation 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette

There are 32 matte and shimmery shades, more shimmer shades than matte. I get really good wear on my eyes from these shades when I cover them with primer, otherwise they come off pretty easily. One con with this palette is that it takes a while to blend.  But, the colors from this palette are gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try that bright purple and light blue eyeshadow but have chickened out too many times. What shade would you want to try?

Overall, I really have been enjoying these products! The highlighting palette isn’t used very often, only for when I want a subtle glow to my makeup routine. And the eyeshadow palette has been used almost every day! It’s so much fun to pick what shade I want to wear (options, options, options). I’m linking a few other popular items below, as well. Go shopping!