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Last weekend I headed to a few stores to shop, one of which was Lush. I’ve never been inside a Lush store, but I have ordered online and they are such a cool company! They don’t test on animals, use all organic ingredients, 100% vegetarian, and so much more!

I only got a few things, but I went back and got some moisturizer (not pictured) and I’m planning on getting some color-protecting shampoo and conditioner once I dye my hair. Read on to see my quick review 👉🏽

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Products mentioned: Roots Hair Treatment, Intergalactic Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Twilight Bath Bomb, Tender is the Night Massage Bar, Imperialis Moisturizer (not pictured)

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Roots Hair Treatment: First up is this magical hair treatment. I have never done a hair mask before but have been wanting to just because my hair has been so frizzy and dry-looking. I’ve used this twice in the past two weeks and WOAH. This made my hair so shiny and I could immediately see a difference 💁🏼. It’s specifically made for thin hair, and even though I don’t have thin hair, it helped volumize (but not a noticeable amount). Oh, and it smells glorious (the mint in this treatment is strong). I would highly recommend this product for dry and/or thin hair.

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Intergalactic Bath Bomb: This was the bath bomb the gal at the store recommended because it was really fun to watch disappear. I have to agree, it kept on changing colors from pink to blue to turquoise to purple. It was a pretty big bath bomb as well, so it lasted several minutes.

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Sex Bomb Bath Bomb: I have yet to use this bath bomb, but from reviews I’ve heard it’s a fan favorite and is really pretty when you drop it in your bath! Let’s not forget it smells like lavender and rose 🌹

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Twilight Bath BombApparently this is the most gentle and relaxing bath bomb Lush has created. This had two different colors, the pink and then a really pretty bright baby blue. Instead of fizzing away, this bath bomb froths, aka super calming and lasts for like, ever (ok, maybe about 10 minutes).

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Tender is the Night Massage BarI love these massage bars! They’re pretty much lotion in the form of a bar, but a lot more buttery than most lotions. Most of the time, I have dry skin and this really helps moisturize. Vanilla and jasmine are the main scents in this bar and these normally last me about 2 months (if a ration lol).


Imperialis Moisturizer: Recently my skin freaked out on me from an allergic reaction to a skin product. My skin is finally returning back to normal, but for 2 weeks it was red and had a ton of acne-like spots. Needless to say, I panicked for the first day because I have normal skin and this was weird for me. Anyway, my skin was oily, dry, red, sensitive all at the same time. It was horrible. I switched up my moisturizer (wasn’t causing the problem, but I wanted something organic and more soothing) to this moisturizer and it has helped so much with my skin! It smells really good and is specifically made for combination skin. Win win win. Of course, depending on your skin it may help or not do anything.

Have you guys ever been to Lush? What’s your favorite product?