lush easter haul.

*this post is sponsored by lush. all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Happy Thursday babes! My day started out a little odd by forgetting I was working (well..) and ending up being an hour late and then accidentally deleting all my work on my Youtube video. To make matters worse, my charger broke on my computer so I’m currently using someone else’s computer to write up this post. I now understand why bloggers plan their posts ahead, ha!

It’s all good though because I can finally share all the wonderful products Lush has recently come out with and sent me! You guys know I love Lush so I have been patiently waiting to use their new products from their Easter line. I decided to film a video because then you can watch me be awkward and view my bad editing. Is there anything better?

FIRST UP: Wash Behind Your Eyes Shower Gel. Smells like a v8 juice but I’m not angry about it.

VIBB (Very Important Bath Bombs): Which Came First?, Chick ‘N’ Mix (the cutest bath bomb ever), Golden Egg (obvi).

The rest: Bunch of Carrots (bubble bars), Chocolate Easter Egg* (soap bar), Chocolate Lip Scrub**

*I mentioned that this product was just the Chocolate soap bar. Oops! Wrong name, but still the same.

**You can also grab a scrub in the flavors: honey, mint juleps, bubblegum, and popcorn (YUM)