Lipstick Advice

Hey dolls! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on buying lipsticks/glosses, what color works best for your skin tone, etc. I actually wrote this post up last year, but never ended up posting it. I linking a few of my favorite lipsticks + some other options, so let’s get started!


Drugstore vs. High-end

For our first battle, I’m going to be talking about whether or not you should spend extra money on a NARS lipstick or save your money and get a less expensive product.

Drugstore: Normally I go to Target for all my drugstore products. Not only does Target have a great selection, it also has a Starbucks. Win win (win). I tend to stick with glosses and balm when I buy from the drugstore, since drugstore lipsticks aren’t as long-lasting or wears off. Another reason I love drugstore lip products are because they’re really easy on the wallet 👌🏽


High-end: For high-end lip products, I love going to Sephora. Who doesn’t? Since their products are more expensive, I would suggest going in the store and trying out different colors and seeing which ones are your favorite. I love anything Nars and Tarte for lipsticks, they both have a great color selection and are very long-lasting. Another favorite lip product from Sephora is the BiTE ” 5 Night Fix for Lips”.  This is more of a exfoliator for lips, and since I get seriously dry lips in the winter I get this product and it works miracles!

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