Let’s Chat with Milan from Milan Darling


Happy Saturday! I’m really excited to share with ya’ll this fun Q&A I did with Milan from Milan Darling. She’s a complete doll and her fashion is impeccable (as you can see!). Isn’t she gorgeous? You guys can find her on her blog, or on the ‘gram. Hope you enjoy! PS Comment with your go-to beach item! Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Milan! <3

What inspired you to start your blog, Milan Darling?

I started Milan Darling because I truly wanted to help people. I knew that my life struggles and accomplishments meant something and I felt that if I shared my stories, others would benefit from them. I wanted to put myself out there and say this is what I have been through, this is where I was and this is where I am now. I wanted to show people that it is possible to pick yourself up in your lowest of lows and become more than you had ever imagined. After a few posts about mental health and body image I began to gain confidence in the blogging world and dared to step out in the fashion and beauty world where my heart always resided.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

 I love when I get feedback and hear people say they actually benefit from what I am doing. When someone says they relate, that is when I know I am doing something right and it makes me so happy.

What is one goal you want to achieve with your blog this month?

 One goal I would love to achieve this month with my blog is to create an extremely meaningful post. I blog about fashion and beauty all the time but I always want to incorporate something that is me to the core. I don’t want to forget to share my story in the process.

How would you describe your blogging and personal style?

My blogging style is definitely relaxed. I write like I am talking to my best friend because I want it to be on that level. I want to show the realest version of me.

My personal style is ever changing and not necessarily one category or another. I traveled a lot when I was young and was able to pick up a little bit from all the places I went to. I like to think I incorporate a little bit of all the places in my wardrobe, making it a unique style. 

What is/are your favorite post(s) you’ve written so far?

One of my favorite posts is another piece I wrote about body positivity. I wasn’t planning on the post being about body image but it happened after a few conversations that took place the day before with my family. They were worried about my weight when in fact I was the healthiest I had ever been. I wanted to write about it because body image is something I struggled with my whole life and then for my own family to accuse me of being too skinny was definitely insulting to me. They never called me fat when I was overweight but they called me anorexic when I was healthy. I wanted to have a voice in the body positive world and tell other girls like me that we should love our bodies no matter what others try to say about them. Someone will always have something to say.

You’re heading out for a day at the beach, what do you throw in your beach bag?

 Sunscreen, duh! My favorite oversized aviatorsmagazine and plenty of water.

What is your go-to outfit for the day?

My everyday wear is typically pretty casual since I’m a student. I love a cute pair of workout pants and a tank top. Or if I want to look nice I will throw on a pair of jeans and a cute top.

Favorite cereal? This is very important 😉

Favorite cereal ever? Apple Jacks! (Childhood memories) 

Favorite cereal right now? Fiber One Honey Clusters! (Health)

What social media app(s) could you live/not live without? 

I couldn’t live without Instagram, I am definitely a visual person. I could live without Twitter because I just got tired of it a couple years ago… I have tried to be active on Twitter but I just don’t care for it.

 Lydia: Girl, I feel you! I’m only active on Insta and Snapchat (@rainydaycooking), ha!

Anything else you’d like to say?

We are all more than the labels people put on us. Never get discouraged and keep on doing you!