Kylie Lip Kit Haul + Review


A few weeks ago, I went a little krazy (…sorry) and bought some of Kylie’s lipsticks. Since they sell out so fast, I wanted to grab all the colors I wanted. I posted a preview of all my lippies on Instagram, and so many of you asked for a review! Keep reading to see my colors and thoughts 🙌🏽


When I first received the shipment, the box come in full black, and once you opened it, there was her card. It’s super cute and adds a nice touch. She ended up having to switch the outside of her box since it was getting stolen (that’s how you know your cosmetics are in high demand, haha!).

One of my favorite things about her lipsticks is the packaging. It’s so chic and I really like how the lips on the box represent the color of the lipstick! The colors I grabbed were:

• 22 (vivid orange/red )

Ginger (nude pink)

Mary Jo K (bright red)

True Brown K (90’s dark brown)

Posie K (natural pink)

Koko K (light pink)

Reign (dark orange/brown metal)

Starting with her matte formula, she actually ended up creating a new formula. Mary Jo K, Posie K, and Koko K are all her old formulas. In my opinion, the old formula drys a little faster and is thicker. The new formula (Ginger, True Brown K, 22, and Reign) isn’t quite as dry on the lips and there is a different brush.


*please excuse the sloppy swatch!*

I love how matte the finish is. Since I love a good matte finish, this was perfect! The color on the tube is also almost exactly the same color on my lips, although it could depend on what tint your lips are. They old formula drys pretty quickly, as you can tell, and the newer formula is still drying (I took these after 4 or 5 minutes) on my arm.

My only complaints would be, it’s not very creamy and, since it’s so matte, it feels a little dry on the lips. Also, the metal came off really easily, especially considered to the matte that did not come off. No joke, this swatch stained my arm for a few days. I definitely think the long-wearing is a pro and con!


My two favorites are definitely Koko K and Reign! I love how light and simple Koko K is, so pretty! I’m glad I tried out Reign, since it’s a metal and so different from what I normally wear. And, it’s perfect for fall 🍂


Have you tried out Kylie’s lipsticks? What are your favorite shades?


  • Penny k

    Ooh I love Koko K!!!

  • Steffanie

    I haven’t tried these yet just because I hear such hit/miss feedback…. and like you mentioned, so many say they’re pretty drying. I *DO* really want to pick up a couple of her glosses, though!

    • Lydia

      I haven’t tried her glosses, but I’d love to try out Koko K in a gloss!

  • Danielle

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve definitely had my eye on some of her shades and have been dying to know whether or not they’re worth the hype. I’ve heard, too, that they can be drying. Did you try a balm underneath at all? I’ve done that in the past with some of my Mac mattes that were on the drier side and it worked wonders!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco