How to Style Jeans in Your 40’s


Hello everybody! My name is Julia and I’m a fashion, beauty and travel blogger over at my blog ‘The Velvet Runway“.

Today I’m collaborating with Lydia and we’re going to be picking up on our previous denim posts (ways to style denim jeans,) here is my post which covers styling denim jeans for a casual look, for the office and for a day to night look) and sharing how to style them in your 20’s and 40’s.

Lydia will be sharing her tips for all you youngsters and I will be covering tips for 40’s and beyond. Check out my blog for Lydia’s tips and tricks! You can find me on Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!


For a casual look opt for pale blue skinny jeans, paired with a long, loose top to give balance. I chose to finish the look with a burgundy suede jacket to pick up the burgundy hues in the top and ballet flats, which are a wardrobe staple, look classic when worn with jeans and are very comfortable if you’re on your feet all day!


  • Skinny jeans can still look great in your 40s and beyond. For a casual look I would choose a light blue jean, whereas for a more formal occassion I would opt for a darker blue or black.
  • Thanks to the ultra-tapered hem on skinny jeans, the shoes we choose to wear will always be on display, and the choice of shoes from  a pair of strappy sandals, stilettos through to a set of chunky moto boots, will change the entire look and feel of the outfit. If you’re looking for an office or night time look (or simply want to elongate your legs), then opt for heels, which will give instant elegance to your look.
  • I personally love high-waisted jeans and find that high-waisted straight-legged dark jeans are perfect for the office or for a day to night look, if paired with a simple silk shirt  and heels (have a look at my post for going from a day to night look). However, I would not pair high-waisted jeans with a crop top. Whilst this looks great on a 20 year old with washboard abs, I would not be comfortable with this look myself.
  • Denim-on-denim is totally acceptable even for us oldies! Just keep in mind, darker denim slims and lighter highlights, so for instance if you are a pear shape opt for a light denim shirt and dark denim jeans, whereas if you’re an inverted triangle, wear the darker denim on top.
  • The combination of a blazer and jeans is stylish and timeless, and can be worn to the office for the majority of jobs. For a classic look, pair a white tee and a navy blue jacket with dark denim, and keep your shirt tucked in if you’re wearing it to work.
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorise – a classic belt looks great with high-waisted jeans, and a statement necklace or a sparkly clutch can easily take an outfit from day to night.

That’s it on my thoughts for how to style denim jeans. I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to check out Lydia’s post as well!