hot weather essentials + review.

*this post is sponsored by babblebox on behalf of single media edition*

It’s been a hot summer here in Wisconsin and I was so excited to be able to participate in this campaign because I’m always on the hunt for some summer hacks! My review for a few of these products are brutally honest but that’s how we do things over here. Also, quick side note before we go into my review, I just bought a ton of clothes from ASOS and oh man, so many pretty things. I also found two dresses for the cruise and can’t wait to show you 👀  On to the review!

FLOXSEE MIRROR: 3.5/5 hack-worthy stars

I always have a hard time curling my hair because I can’t see half of what I’m doing, ha! I love the idea of this mirror. Floxsee is a mirror with a 360-degree view. Plus, it’s a portable, adjustable, break-resistant, and hangable. It fits really easily into a suitcase and there are these hangers that pull out from the top so you can hang it!

My only cons on this product would be that it might be hard to find a place to hang when you’re traveling. I wish that there was a stand or it was taller so I could set it down on the table and still be able to see all around.

PFB VANISH + CHROMABRIGHT: 4.5/5 hack-worthy stars

I was just a tiny bit confused with this product BECAUSE it says it’s supposed to help with skin brightening and ingrown hair relief/razor bumps. I wasn’t too eager to put this stuff on my face but my legs/arms were definitely in need of it. I used a very dull razor to shave and I think I had about 50 cuts on my leg once I got out of the shower 😂 I am obsessed with how well this helps with razor bumps, it’s a life saver! I’m sure it would be a great after shave for bikini areas, too.

For the face, I didn’t notice any skin brightening at all. It may be because I haven’t used it for a long period of time, but the one week I was testing this item out I didn’t see a difference 🙁

If you want to give this product a try, use the code ‘HOTWEATHER’ for 20% off!


Facial cupping is something I’ve never heard of before and was very intrigued to find this product!  Apparently, it’s supposed to help with circulation on your face and under eye circles.

How it works: The package comes with three large cups (face) and three smaller cups (eyes). You apply a little bit of oil to your face and then use the cup to apply suction. Not going to lie, it looks weird and it feels weird but I kind of love it, ha! I’ve tried this a few times and I haven’t noticed a huge difference except that my under eye circles aren’t quite as noticeable (especially under makeup). I wasn’t expecting this product to do much, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I can’t see myself using this often, maybe once a week (directions say every few days) but I found it very relaxing and it would be a great addition to a spa night!


I have a very dirty and old makeup cloth that I’ve been using which makes me not buy makeup remover/cleansing cloths but I was pretty psyched to use this cloths because they’re all natural, free from harsh chemicals, perfect for on the go (I have a few in my car!), and they have coconut in them.

They smell like coconut and I love it. You know how some cloths have a very chemically scent? Not these! They removed makeup really well and I’ve actually used them on my clothes if I get makeup on them.

CASIO BABY G WATCH: 1.5/5 hack-worthy stars

Before we receive our Babblebox, we get a note on each product + it’s definition. This watch was said to be where technology meets style. I had my hopes up for a do-everything watch that looked stylish! I’m being 100% honest, this watch is definitely not on my terms of stylish. Of course, I’m a Marc/Daniel watch kind of gal, but still. I can’t find myself wanting to wear this every day with my outfit.

If I was a serious runner/swimmer or wanted a watch that wasn’t a fashion statement, I can see how this watch would be a great accessory piece! It really does provide so much. Time, waterproof up to 100 meters, daily alarms, timer etc. Needless to say, I won’t be wearing this piece but I get the benefit of having it. Take a peek on the style right here!😉

SEXY HAIR SOY RENEWAL BEACH SPRAY3.5/5 hack-worthy stars

I love a good beach hairspray for my hair, especially during the summer! I have so many in my drawer at home, a little bit of an obsession, ha! It’s hard to find one that actually gives you texture and a bit of a wave and this doesn’t give a full beach wave but it gives lots of texture. Perfect for a messy bun! I ended up not receiving this product in my box so I can’t give a full review BUT my stylist has used this spray on my hair a few times when styling it down. I would give a larger review if I had it, but from reviews on Ulta, it looks like the soy renewal part of the spray really helps with damaged hair!