Flatlays That Slay + Tips

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good flat lay. I tend to lay out my outfits for the day, so once I wake up, I just organize my flatly and take a picture. Good lighting is the best addition to a flat lay, and it’s important to mix sizes (i.e. jeans and small heels or a big bag and a watch, etc). Below are a few of my favorite flat lays, enjoy!

I love how monochromatic this flat lay is, and who doesn’t love a good bag spill? Oh, and I’m totally obsessing over those sunglasses 😍 // via: mydomaine

In honor of summer adventure, because we all have those. Also, where did they find that palm tree leaf? I kinda sorta want one 😝 I love love love the shorts, too! Ripped denim is a must-have for summah //  via: revolve


This is the simplest flat lay you could create, but it also focuses on the accessories (which are gorgeous). You could easily set this up with just a few accessories and a statement top 👌🏽 // via: up to style


You can never go wrong with a succulent and vans. But mostly, a succulent. Also, pretty sure those are the same sunglasses from above, am I wrong? Hmmm // via: up to style


I love how this image has a little bit of pink in the editing, and LOOK AT THE SWEATER (and the shoes 😍). It looks so insanely comfortable. Adding an accessory that’s not fashion, works really great at adding dimension. You’ll see adding a Macbook, notebook, or other accessories add a little extra to the flat lay.


Another simple flat lay featuring a statement top. Adding a floral tee, or striped top with a pair of simple denim shorts and flats creates a really cute flat lay // via: who what wear


If you follow me on Instagram, you know flowers are my JAM. They make any photo more chic and pretty. You can’t go wrong with a simple bouquet of flowers 🌷 // via: the pink diary


• Lighting is everything on shooting the perfect flat lay. Make sure to use natural light, and having a white backdrop is ideal.

• If you don’t have a white backdrop, go to your local Walgreens and grab a large, white poster board. You could also use a bedsheet, if you’re shooting an outfit.

• Using apps like VSCOcam or Cortex Camera (this is an awesome app for making your photos more high-res) is great for making your items bright and editing them straight from your iPhone.

• Picking a theme can help make your flat lay look organized and detailed. You could go with just white and black colors, or a bag spill, or a traveling flat lay. The choices are endless!

• Get inspired by looking at other flat lays, check out this Instagram or use the hashtag #flatlayinspiration

Thanks for reading!