Favorite Leggings for Working Out

Late night post because I missed yesterdays! I was watching a Buzzfeed video on the best leggings for curvy girls and was inspired to round up a few of my favorite leggings (affordable, more expensive, black, patterned, etc). I also ran into Lululemon a few days ago and just browsing their items made me drool 😍 I personally love my leggings from them, but they were $100+ which is a lot of money to spend on a pair of plain, black leggings (think of it as an investemnt, haha!). The nice thing about Lululemon’s leggings is that they’re not sheer, hold up really well with cardio workouts, and have lasted several years. However, I’m sharing a few more of my favorites (included in this list are my all-time favorite leggings that are under $25!) that include funky patterns and that work for curvy girls 👊🏼What are you favorite leggings? I want to know, leave a comment telling me and others!

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Like I said above, my all-time favorite leggings are from Lululemon. I have muscular thighs so making sure that leggings aren’t sheer is on the top of my list. These leggings that I’ve owned for a few years (!!) are perfect for working out since they hold up during HIIT, running, boxing, and more. Plus, they are no where near being sheer. I love high-waisted leggings since I have a tiny waist, and if I get low or medium-rise pants they slide down.

If black leggings aren’t your thang, these leggings from Lululemon are SO fun. I love the funky pattern and they are almost the exact same as my plain ole’ black leggings but way fancier.

You guys know how much I love me some Fabletics. They have so many affordable and great sets, plus they hold up well and the sets I own are not sheer (I can’t speak for all leggings, be sure to read the reviews). Fabletics lets you choose from a ton of different patterns and colors so you can customize what your outfit looks like. When you sign up, most of the time you can grab first outfit for $10. Most outfits range from $10-$35 and that includes a top and a pair of bottoms, plus a bra/jacket occasionally. It’s seriously so fun and I love the subscription part of it! My favorite leggings I own from them are these, but this set is really cute as well.

Cue Buzzed video, these leggings were top rated for all my curvy girls out there. How they held up, sheerness, and more were put to the test. I haven’t worn these before, but they sounded great! You can check out the Buzzfeed video here if you’d like to see the leggings in action, too.

I talked about these leggings from Forever21 in this post. They are so so affordable (less than $25!) and are not sheer at all. They’re actually a really thick pair of leggings and are pretty comfy. They slide down a bit while working out and the waist is really big on me (I got a small and my waist is 23”, aka TOO BIG) but I roll the band over so it’s a little tighter. I choose my Lululemon leggings over these, but you can’t beat the price. 🙌🏽They also come in a plus size version!

Another favorite for working out specifically is this dri-fit pair from Nike. I’m a Nike girl allll the way and I love the drying effect when I’m sweating during cardio 🙂 They keep me uber warm during the winter season, too! They’re only $40 which I think is a pretty great price and they come in classic black, aka the best.

The last pair of leggings that I own (I’m on pair seven, don’t judge) are these from Loft. They’re pretty similar to my Forever21 leggings, but the quality is a little nicer (they’re about double the price-ish) and they don’t stretch out quite as much after a workout.

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  • Amber Nelson

    I love to wear leggings. Anything that is comfortable, I am game for, especially for when working out!

  • Robin

    My favorite leggings are from Under Armour. They are a little expensive, but I love the way they move and how I look in them.

  • Nicola Bromley

    I really need some new workout gear…I’ve had the same old stuff for years! These leggings look great, I got my favourite ones from Aeropostale when we were on holiday in Florida and I love that they are strong material and quite thick – they keep me warm in these winter months!

  • Christine

    I’m so glad you mentiomed fabletics! I have so many outfits from them. I love their leggings too, and love how cheap they are! Haven’t invested anything in LuLu… their prices are so high, but the rest of your recommendations are spot on!

  • Allison

    This is a great post! I actually went shopping for workout leggings yesterday and couldn’t find any I liked. I will try these!

  • Melanie Frost

    I can’t even fathom spending $100 on a pair of leggings. Or on any piece of clothing for that matter! But I love leggings and yoga pants for daily wear around the house. I just get mine from Walmart or Target. Then I don’t feel guilty about wearing them. LOL!

  • Jaimie

    I am just like you when it comes to leggings. I need ALL of them! I have been wanting to try Fabletics (those commercials get me) but have yet to dive in. I will definitely be checking them out again, thanks for the honest reviews!

  • Tereza

    I don’t like regular leggings for working out – I prefer the really sporty ones that are made out of quick dry material because my butt sweats a lot haha! TMI, sorry! My favourite pair is from Sundried – they are so so so SO comfy and still look brand new even after many many washes. They were a little pricey (£75) but totally worth it. I also like the ones from Primark even tough they do get a bit meh in the wash.

  • jessi

    What great suggestions. I love leggings. They tend to be my every say outfit no a days

  • Nicole Feliciano

    Leggings are just essential to my life. I’m always looking for the next perfect pair!

  • Courteney Noonan

    I’ve never ordered from Fabletics before but I always see their ads online and really want to try something from them. Also, I love your trainers! Workout clothes are my favourite clothes to buy haha x

  • Jean

    I love leggings! So easy to wear, and so many fab designs out there! I’ve seen fabletics advertised and thought they had great offers but am yet to order through them.

  • Angela Ricardo

    As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your post. I love wearing black leggings too. I prefer them than jeans because they are so comfy to wear and can be really stylish too once paired with a great shirt or outfit.

  • Toughcookiemommy

    Leggings are perfect for working out because you don’t have to worry about how you stretch. They have such nice ones now for working out.

    • Lydia

      I agree! Such great options and selections for any price range.