Fall Bucket List


Happy Monday! I’ve got a fall bucket list and I’m going to try and do all of it within 2 months. I’m pretty sure I can stick to it and finish, plus most of these are key for the perfect Instagram picture. Because let’s get real, most of the things I do in public are only for the Instagram.

Have you guys done any of these yet? Please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t done them (actually, I probably am the only one…)

• Go to a pumpkin patch

•  Drink a PSL

• Smell all. the. candles. Especially anything apple and pumpkin scented

• Have a scary-movie marathon (Scream, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Visit, and The Shining)

• Buy a leather jacket

• Wear dark nail polish

• Decorate front door with pumpkins from the pumpkin patch (see point 1)

• Make homemade caramel apples

• Cover up with a beanie

• Have a midnight campfire with friends

• Dress up!