DIY Makeup Remover

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I have the most simple, easiest do-it-yourself for all of you to make on a Friday night and it’s quickly become one of my favorites! If you remember this post, I shared that I switched out my regular face wash for coconut oil (every other day) and discovered how well it removed my makeup. And since coconut oil is literally the best household ingredient for pretty much everything, of course it would master the art of removing makeup! 

Like I said above, this DIY is extremely easy, since it only has 2 ingredients. Coconut oil and essential oil. The essential oil is optional, but I love the smell and benefits of it. I put some lavender oil and added some chopped up mint, and the smell is unbelievable!

I ran to Target and picked up a glass jar to pour the melted oil into, and then mixed in a few drops of oil, then stirred! I also grabbed some circular pads to dip into the makeup remover. I really love these pads, since they help exfoliate your skin.

// DIY Makeup Remover //


2 C. Coconut Oil

10-15 drops of essential oil* (read packaging to make sure it’s ok to put on your skin)

Minced mint or dried rose petals (optional)


 1. Melt coconut oil in microwave for 30 seconds.

2. Pour into jar and immediately add drops of essential oil and mint/rose

3. Let cool and wipe away all your makeup!


Lavender, pomegranate, rose, and tea tree are all great oils for your skin! They smell heavenly, too.

Depending on how potent your oil is, you’ll want to add less/more drops to your coconut oil.

I was wearing some lipstick, and this is how well the coconut oil took it off!


Thanks for reading! Happy Friday <3