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Hey guys! Last week I shared a snap to see if you guys wanted to see how I created my inspiration board and I got a ton of responses of you lovely people wanting to see how I did it via Snapchat (@rainydaycooking). Read on to see how I created my board —>

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First things first, my bedroom is grey but the lighting made it turn light tan. It’s really bugging me. Ok. You just needed to know that 😉

I love how my inspo board turned out and it was really, really easy. It took me a few hours, just because I had cut all my pieces and glue them to my board. I took about 5 or 6 different magazines (I used Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, and People Stylewatch). I flipped through the magazines to find cute outfits, hairstyles, and any other inspiration I wanted for my board.

I also printed a few pictures and quotes from Pinterest, because Pinterest is always a good idea. I also looked at other inspiration boards to see how other people did it, and how I wanted mine to differ/be the same. I went for a “cram everything on a board, but make it look good” look. I think I nailed it 👌🏽

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This took me about 4 hours, so prepare to be tired of standing, lol. Finding the inspiration was really fun, and it’s a great way to personalize your bedroom. I started by finding a board, you can use anything you have on hand! I just grabbed a cardboard box (fancy, I know). But you can use cork board or anything similar to that. Then, I cut and cut anything and everything inspirational for my board.

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After I finally finished glueing all my pieces onto my cardboard, I nailed the board into my wall, and wallah! I have a super chic inspiration board. I love my board! It adds a pop of color to my room, and I love waking up and seeing it. I think I’m going to create another one, but a lot smaller (maybe 1×1) to put above my desk. Make sure to listen to some good tunes for a fun DIY  experience!! Read on for my detailed instructions:::


What you’ll need:::

• A cardboard box (any size, mine is 2×3)

• Magazines, newspaper clippings, printings from online, etc (Pinterest has a lot of great quotes and photos)

• (loner) glue stick

• Optional: Nail (if hanging)


How you’ll do it:

1. I first started by finding the right size box. Keep in mind, the larger your board, the longer it’ll take to make and the more magazines and cut-outs you’ll need.

2. Now that you’ve found your perfect board, you can start cutting inspiration from magazines. You can either cut, to make even lines, or rip the picture/quote to create a more rough shape. I did both.

3. Once you have all of your clippings, organize them on your board to see how you’d like them to be. This also helps to see if you have too little/not enough clippings.

3. After your board is organizing, you can start glueing! I started at the top, and made my way down. If you’re layering, make sure you have the right clipping on the top/bottom.


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That’s it! Pretty simple, right!? Did you guys like this DIY? What are some of your favorite DIY’ers and DIY projects? Comment below!

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