Denim Skirt


Happy Tuesday! The same time Sarah and I took these photos, I switched into this preppy outfit for today’s blog post! I hate to admit it, but this denim skirt is everything. My sister sent me a picture of it on the rack at Forever21 and I’m pretty sure my exact words were “I refuse to wear a jean skirt. Nope. I’ll look like a hip homeschooler mom”. Seriously, I just went back on those text messages and that’s what I said. The next day, I grabbed that same outfit and bought it 😅 I think this skirt is so cute, and I can’t wait to switch out this plum sweater and floral blouse ensemble for a graphic tee and cardigan!

This entire outfit (besides for the flats) are from Forever21 and such a steal! They’ve been having so many great deals, and I love all their fall pieces. Actually, I love any fall pieces from 75% of stores (you can’t go wrong with fall essentials). unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact pieces, but you can shop some of my favorite/similar items down below!

Thanks for reading! What fashion trend did you hate and now love?


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