Currently Craving: Olive Green

Currently Craving: Olive Green


I’m starting a new series called “Currently Craving”. I used to have it on my cooking blog where I shared my food cravings, and I’m bringing it back to WTPTA! Every other week I’ll share a new color or fabric I’ve been into. And this week, it’s official, I’m no longer obsessed with maroon. I’ve moved on to brighter pastures. Literally though, I’m moving on to green. But how can anyone not love this color?? Look how gorgeous it is!! Not only is it a neutral (yet colorful color), this color works with any skin tone. I have a very neutral-colored wardrobe it goes something like this: grey, black, more grey, more black, 2 maroon shirts. But, then I found this beautiful color called olive green. And it’s glorious. I’m especially obsessed with the pencil skirt, the booties, those seriously comfy looking joggers  everything. I’m obsessed with everything.
But, let’s take a moment to appreciate those insanely comfortable joggers that still look fashionable. And the Sam Edelman booties. Yes, I know, I talk about them all the time. But, THEY COME IN GREEN. And, they’re on sale. How can you not buy them? Unless you already have them. But you can never have enough booties.

That’s it for my first post in Currently Craving. Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Stay tuned for tomorrows IG recap post! What color are you currently craving?

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