Coffee Break

Woah-it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I took a small  huge break from blogging because, life. You may be thinking, how busy can you be that you can’t post? I wrote a list to help you guys out

Coffee Break

I moved! I didn’t have wifi for a 1 1/2 weeks, I would’ve written to send help, but I couldn’t.

I designed my entire room (aka spent a ton of money), thanks Abu!

Finished an entire season of 10 different a few shows (you guys, there are so many good shows out rn)

Become a sophomore! Ugh, so much school

Got a new puppy! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting pictures of Charlie soon. And incase you were wondering, Remi loves her new roomie

I become a part-time nanny 😱

In reference to that emoji, this emoji 💪🏽 has become my most recent

In reference to that ^^ I (finally) started working out. Workout routine coming soon!

In reference to that ^^^ I did a color run!!! (K, I’m done referencing now)

Did I mention that I didn’t have wifi for almost two weeks? I spent that time reading multiple youtuber books (one of my favorites here)

If you thought I had some really fancy excuse, sorry to disappoint. But, that’s been my summer/fall. And don’t worry, I’ve written lots of posts so I’m no longer MIA!

Oh, also Grey’s Anatomy started and I think I’ll end on that happy note.