Black Friday Inspo

A few days ago I wrote a black friday related-post, if you haven’t seen it go check it out! I’ll be waiting here. I was going to add a picture right here but my computer is unable to cooperate and produce one. I swear it was frozen for days, and I couldn't fix it. It was awful. But I'm back, so let's get started on this post! I don’t know about you guys, but I start shopping for must-haves[...]

The Fall Favorites Tag

I was stalking reading one of my favorite blogs, Olive & Ivy, and saw that she had written a post about all her fall favorites and since I love everything about fall, why not? Even though it's November, I consider fall to go on until it snows (which is pretty soon, if you live in Wisconsin). Fall is definitely my favorite season, I love the changing of colors and the cool temps (going from 90* to 5[...]

October Favorites

It's that time again! Monthly favorites, are you ready? I've been listening to Christmas music quite a lot, because only 9 more weeks! (I think, something like that). Michael Buble's Christmas album has been on replay for the past few weeks. I love how he incorporated his own songs + classics. While on Pinterest, I found this really really cute boutique called Swoon. I'm obsessed with every[...]

Coffee Break

Woah-it's been a long time since I've posted! I took a small  huge break from blogging because, life. You may be thinking, how busy can you be that you can't post? I wrote a list to help you guys out I moved! I didn't have wifi for a 1 1/2 weeks, I would've written to send help, but I couldn't. I designed my entire room (aka spent a ton of money), thanks Abu! Finished an entire season of[...]

July Favorites

source (yum yum) I recently got this shirt from A&F, and OH MY it's now my favorite shirt in my closet. It's so soft, and the blue is so bright I've been stocking up on some books and a few of my favorites have been: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Beginners or Pro, Self-Help (bless you Miranda), and 100 Years of Fashion continue reading[...]