The Best Workouts for a Kim K Booty

If there’s one thing that people talk about way (way) too much is the Kardashians booty to waist ratio. I’m gonna help you out and give you some of the best workouts that you can not only do at-home but all are less than 30 minutes! My personal favorite is this one but I’ve got four more that are rated pretty high in my book). Don’t forget to stretch fully before and after working out, too!

  • This workout is quick and effective. Any routine finishing up within 10 minutes is a win for me! These moves are all really great for getting a booty, especially the leg lifts.
  • You can burn up to 130 calories with this workout anddd it’s also 10 minutes! This routine is perfect for beginners, too. Plus, you get an ocean view 😍🌊
  • I’m all for this workout, it has the best eight exercises for a round booty. Simple, to the point, and quick! Plus, another great workout for beginners.
  • If you’re looking for a little more than just a butt workout, this 30-minute routine includes ab/core poses for getting a flat tummy alongside a Kim K butt. You’re welcome in advance!
  • Another longer workout, this 28-minute workout is perfect! This workout is my favorite to do, play some fun music and you’re all set 🙂
  • Any XHIT Workout is a favorite of mine, this 10-minute workout is really really great. You repeat the same exercises twice, each is 30 seconds for a total of 10 full minutes!
  • Working out is way more fun with quick clothes, this set from Fabletics is my new favorite (I can’t wait to see my March picks!). Also, these pink sneaks are way too fun 😍