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red romper.

Happy Thursday! I planned for this post to go live on Monday but ya know, my site was down and wasn't back up until yesterday. Eek! After 60 minutes of problem solving and 2 cookies from Subway (I literally just ordered shame) I figured it out and we're back! I’m taking blog photos later today and I’m v excited, time for some fresh looks 🙋🏻 PS Remember this post where I[...]

last minute july fourth sales.

Happy 4th of July! What are your plans for the holiday? I'm heading padleboarding in about 15 minutes, slip n slide bowling (YES, it's a thing), and fireworks in the evening. Yay yay! I rounded up a few of my favorite sales that are going on right now. ASOS is on fire, right now, so I definitely reccomend usng your paycheck for some cute rompers and tops ;) Click any of my current loves above, they'r[...]

oh hi! + june favorites.

So. It's been a hot second since my last blog post, sorry not sorry about that. Let's talk, 'kay? It's JULY. Which means I'm two months into my new job and it's been fun and busy! Along with this fun ole' blogging corner and nannying, it's been hard keeping up with blogging. You could probably tell since my posts have gone down to 2 posts a week. But! Starting this week, I'll be posting 3 to 4 time[...]

july 4th inspired.

I can't believe it's going to be July 4th next (next) week! Craaazy, man! I have just now discovered kimonos and found the perfect one for. Needless to say, I just needed to share it with you. Plus, I've got 3 different looks to inspire your July 4th look (casual, beach, and dressy) . You're welcome in advance ;) :: shop the post :: continue reading[...]

embroidered jeans.

Embroidered jeans are my new favorite (although you probably already knew that thanks to this post)! I wear denim almost daily and love the extra detail from embroidery. I know I promised that this post would be up yesterday but I was gone all day at the waterpark and slept the rest of the day, HA! I feel like I should note that even though I was outside all day, I still look like a ghost 😅👻[...]