2 Ways to Style Denim Jeans

*all photos taken by sarah monson photography*

Since I’m almost always wearing jeans, I thought I’d share a few ways on styling denim. Jeans are so versatile and comfortable to wear, and I love creating ways that are fancier (because I just can’t wear skirts and heels while working…like no). Keep reading to check out my two outfits 🙆🏽




top: target (only $6!!) // bottoms: hollister // jacket: nordstrom (similar) // shoes: adidas

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: rainydaycooker) you know I’ve been obsessed with these shoes. I love them! It’s a little hard to keep them clean (especially in the country 😅) but totally worth it! I ordered a kids size 6, which is a women’s 7.5 (kid sizes = 1.5 sizes up in women’s, i.e. size 5 in kids is a 6.5 in women). I’ve been wearing this jacket a lot lately as well since it’s been between hot and cold here in Wisconsin. It’s actually really annoying for dressing because it’s either cool one day and hot the other day or SUPER COLD in the morning and then super hot in the afternoon #pleasestop. Anyway, this jacket has been really helpful because it looks cute on and tied around the waist, win win win.




top: shein // bottoms: hollister // shoes: vans 

Yes, my favorite color is grey, how did you know? Seriously though, this shirt (even though it is most definitely not true) is so soft. I kept the same jeans (because, obvs) but switched out my shoes for some Vans for a pop of color. My vans are some of my favorite tennies (besides the A-superstars), I’ve had them for 1.5 years and they’re still looking new.

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